Dance Gift Card
Get a unique gift!

For a birthday, a party or a special occasion: give your friends or family a Gift Voucher for Private Dance Lessons!

Dance: an original and fun activity accessible to everybody. Give one or more private dance lessons to your friends and family.

We offer you personalized Gift Vouchers, homemade for sure.

We fully adjust our services depending on your request. Whether it is for a person who is passionate about dance or on the contrary, whether it is to make him/her discover dance, our specialized coaches / dance teachers will know how to best meet your expectations.

Why gifting private dance lessons?

“Idea”, “Gift”, “Dance”, these are three words that come to mind when we want to offer a gift to someone who loves to dance… or not necessarily anyway.

To progress in a style, to improve quickly, to discover new bollywood and indian dance styles. but above all to have fun! To be guided by an experienced dance teacher is a very nice surprise.

Gifting private bollywood dance lessons is therefore an original gift idea. Offering private dance lessons to people who are not used to dancing is giving new adventures.

Dance becomes for some a new activity. Anyway, gifting dance classes (at home or in a dance studio) are now part of the most original gift ideas that will last a lifetime.

Whether the person(s) to whom you wish to offer the Dance Gift Set is/are a beginner or an experienced dancer, the teachers at DanceAllStyles will know how to adapt to your request.

Who should I gift a private dance class to?
You are hesitating about offering bollywood dance lessons to someone close to you. Whether you have a family tie or not with this person, whether you are more or less close to the people to whom you wish to offer this gift. Give this person or these people (because we can adapt our gift ideas to groups) a special moment on the dance floor!

You can also choose to enjoy the class with this special person if you wish. Perfect for a couple, for example, to share a moment with two of you, bonding and having fun. Our classes are also very suitable for single people, with the privilege of dancing directly with our experienced teacher and therefore progressing faster, whatever your basic level is.

Dancing is an activity that is useful and, moreover, when you start to acquire knowledge, it is only fun. So, maybe you can help spread a future passion to the people you are going to offer this Dance Gift Voucher…

The process :

Whatever the level and style desired. Private lessons for one person, couple dances and private group dance lessons.

The coach / dance teacher comes directly to your home on the D-day. There are also evening or weekend classes (Saturday, Sunday included). Possibility also to rent a dance hall in one of our partner studios.

The person to whom you have given the Dance Gift Voucher wishes to improve, develop a choreography or just learn to dance at parties ? Our partner teachers are there to adapt according to each person’s level and abilities in order to offer you customized classes for optimal progression. What to expect ? laughter, enchantment and discovery. Our dancers are qualified in the style(s) you prefer.

Duration of a private dance class :

Our classes are 1h30 or 2 hours long. This allows you to learn the steps more easily and to learn the movements seen during the class more quickly. You are more efficient than during the 1 hour classes, even if you are a beginner. At the end of each session, the teacher will film the student(s) and make a video summary of the class so that everyone can practice between classes if they wish.

Rates :

Package 1 or 2 persons with decreasing rates on all added courses.

Classes are generally held at home. Possibility of renting a dance hall in one of our partner studios (extra fees might apply).

Option at extra cost. Home delivery of a Package including a unique Surprise Dance Box. Inside, a personalized gift card, with customization of first names and dance classes offered + an exclusive dance advice card giving all the tips to know to be a good dancer according to DanceAllStyles + a participation to our Contest Game to win 2 hours of dance in private lessons.

why choose our classes

We strongly believe in creating personal connections.